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Build A Strong Business Foundation

Unlike other financial firms that rely solely on numbers to guide their clients,

Rukosky & Associates differentiates itself by developing your entire business.

From formation to assisting you with your day-to-day traditional Accounting needs,

to building revenue through marketing, Rukosky & Associates can take your business from A-Z.

Having advised over 300 small businesses, we are acutely aware of budget constraints.

Our pricing and packages to offer excellent services that is affordable.

We think you will find that no other company provides all of the turnkey services described below,

at our depth of experience, at our price-point.


Have A Successful Business

Our guidance will assist you with selecting the proper entity, formulating a successful strategy,

integrating an internet presence, and recruiting, hiring and maintaining your critical workforce.


We will help you to implement the proper paperwork and business structure for your business.

Business Formation

Starting and owning your own business is exciting and energizing. This process can also be scary and intimidating if you are not sure what paperwork to file and where to file it. We can advise you on selecting the proper entity, completing the necessary filing(s) and registrations, and create a methodical plan of action to ensure success.

Entity Options:

Sole Proprietorship

General Partnerships or Limited Liability Partnerships

C-Corporation and S-Corporation


Business Strategy Consulting is important when areas of your business grow and approach a new level of operation.Business Strategy

Our strategic planning methods take into account the various risks, real options, management flexibility, and other critical factors essential to formulating a successful strategy. Business Strategy Consulting is important when areas of your business grow and approach a new level of operation. As companies begin to have the ability to add more jobs and opportunities it becomes critical to install new infrastructure, to capitalize on new customers, new product offerings and new services. Rukosky & Associates can formulate successful plans for each level.

Benefits of Our Strategy Consulting:

Learn how you can capitalize on new opportunities

Understand how steady growth is important for your company

How to safely expand products, services, and your employee-base necessary to discover lateral revenue

Explore the various risks, options, and critical flexibility that become relevant for your business strategy

Our web development and web designs offer your potential customers/clients access from any device.Web Development & Design

No business in this day and age can expect to survive and grow without integrating an internet presence into its strategy. Not only do we make outstanding websites, but all of our websites are search engine friendly, well-structured, easy to navigate, and easy to update. Our web development and web designs offer your potential customers/clients access from mobile devices and tablets by incorporating responsive designs that make your website(s) accessible from anywhere in the world. Once your website(s) has been completed, we incorporate social media links and call-to-action features to draw attention to your website(s) above those of others. The ultimate payoff is increased revenue and profit margin at pricing that is affordable.

Benefits From Our Web Development & Web Design:

A responsive design accessible from any device or computer

Incorporation of your social media

Exposure to establish or grow your online presence

Easily accessible and easy to update

Our social media strategies allow your business to come to life

Social Media Marketing

Following the design of your website, our social media strategies allow your business to come to life as you begin your journey into the technological world. Our successful strategies will build your brand and ignite the power of word-of-mouth on social media.  We look at your core data, find where your customers are communicating, and plug you into the conversation. With a tailored strategy designed specifically for you, we drive clients/customers to your webpage(s) and your storefront(s).

Benefits Of Our Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Understand the benefits of Social Media Marketing

How to drive in sales, signups, and subscriptions

How to find and engage with potential clients

Our Human Resource services allow our clients the ability to get more out of their business.

HR Consultation & Services

Now that you have formed your business and it’s strategy, the next topic is your workforce – recruiting it, hiring it, and maintaining it. As a small business, one of the most critically important areas is Human Resources. Your choice is to either learn the laws and liabilities surrounding your workforce and administer them yourself, or you can depend on Rukosky & Associates’ HR professional to do it for you, the right way, the first time. Our HR consultant offers progressive human resource experience pertaining to recruiting, talent acquisition, employee training and development, and human resource administration and is one of the best in the industry. (See our Human Resources page)

Benefits Of Our HR Consulting & Services:

Proper HR policy implementation

Accuracy of decision-making

Low liability from retaining a part-time HR professional

We are able to correctly arrive at your business’s financial value

Business Valuation

With over 30 years of experience, Rukosky & Associates is able to correctly arrive at your business’s financial value. We have the ability to offer valuations from both the perspective of business owners and as professional consultants. The reasons for valuation are many throughout the life of a business, for both personal and business reasons: Transactions, Tax Reporting, Financial Reporting, Litigation, Business Succession Planning.

Benefits of Our Business Valuations:

Knowing that your valuation will remain confidential

Knowing that your valuation will be accurate

Knowing that you received an unbiased valuation to make a sound decision.


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